ONE Powerful Substance Abuse Academy Can Help You STOP Your Addictions, Help You to Stay Recovered & Live a Great Clean & Sober Life— for all ages!

The Pandemic has created a worldwide mental health crisis – where over 40% of adults, 72% of success-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, and over 90% of young people are struggling to stay away from a drink, drug, or negative & damaging behavior today.

I will teach you how to break out of your addictive habits, substances and behaviors and step into a clean & sober life that is finally worth living!


What will you learn in this Mental Health Solutions Wellness Pathway?

15 powerful & personal mini-courses, including:


3 Part Substance Abuse, Addiction Recovery, Sober Living,  & Relapse Prevention Academy:


This course was created to get you honest, open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes for you to recognize and own your struggle with abuse. Whether you’re doing this for yourself or a loved one, we create an expert “heroes” journey to transform your pain and struggle with addiction into a life of freedom and growth.  Staying sober is very tough stuff.  In this series, we'll discuss the nature and complexity of addiction, and explore the most effective ways to get and stay recovered. 

Part II: ADDICTION RECOVERY & SOBER LIVING – Life Tools & Strategies to Grow Your Sobriety

Part two of our 3-Part Addiction, Recovery, & Sober Living Training Series provides you with the next step of life tools & strategies to keep you in active recovery and feed and grow your sobriety to a new and more satisfying level, as you bridge back to the life of your dreams. We will work in fellowship together to support each other in a great and rewarding sober life.  Sober is better, and we’re going to show you how!

Part III: MASTERING YOUR RECOVERY & SOBRIETY – How to Stay Sober & Supremely Happy In Recovery For Life

In this last of our 3-part course on mastering your recovery and sobriety, we teach you about taking your recovery to a whole, new level.  We show you how to live a really great life without the need for mind-altering substances – a life full of happiness, love, health, harmony, growth, and fulfillment. Want to finally heal all that old stuff and emerge as the person you were always meant to be without ever having to anesthetize your feelings?  This will help you take your life to a whole, new level of recovery for life where the sun shines everyday through whatever kind of stormy weather!

+12 Powerful Mental Health & Personal Development mini-courses you find and keep the life of your dreams:

If you struggle to get free from your past or need a total life reboot, then this course was created for you. Inside you'll find a complete blueprint to get at the stubborn and painful causes and conditions holding you back from living the life you want. Learn how to own & accept your life, master your own happiness and spiritual journey, become totally present for your life and free from the past and future worry, and discover the tools that will help you shift from misery to happiness and keep you there.

In this breakthrough 5-step program, we show you the blueprint for transforming your inner child into the loving, happy, and whole human adult that is already inside of you. You just need to learn how to let him out and free yourself from the pain and struggle that has kept you from being your best and happiest self. You hold the keys. Now’s it’s time to open the door to the amazing possibilities that lie ahead for you and help lovingly help your little child grow up and become your best, unscared and unscarred friend.

This course will help you break free from the vicious cycle of pain that keeps us from growing up and enjoying our lives without conditions and continued trauma. Learn how to free yourself in healthy, to create healthy boundaries and to learn to detach with love, and to focus on #1 so that you can heal, grow and create your own meaningful, beautiful and life-changing relationships that will nourish and feed you for the rest of your life.  You can learn to love and forgive your parents, families and partners and finally heal the pain that always arose every time you were with them.

Loneliness and social isolation are the #1 predictors of a miserable and shortened life. Our younger generations are struggling with loneliness in epidemic proportions, and often lack the healthy social & relationship skills that older generations were taught as children.  Technology and social media have made it possible for us to live “virtual” lives apart from regular and necessary human contact, creating a social & soul sickness that is killing and maiming way too many people. Ready to learn the art of being an integral and health part of your tribe & the world? Welcome aboard to your first step to happiness and freedom!

Our inability to process perceived harms by others in healthy ways causes us to become and stay stuck in our negative feelings and thoughts. Unless we learn how to challenge and discard often irrational thoughts and feelings, we run the risk of hurting & harming ourselves and acting out in appropriate ways. The faster we learn to LET GO of this harmful baggage that ends up hurting us, the more we will learn to live in the present moment and actually enjoy our lives and not be held back by them.

Many of us carry around feelings of being and feeling “Less Than” others our entire adult lives. Perhaps we haven’t shed childhood or teenage struggles of comparing ourselves to others who we deem better, more capable or more successful than us. This battle of insufficiency or inferiority is the boogey man that keeps us from becoming our best selves. This mini-course will teach you how to build, honor, and grow your own sense of self to become far better adjusted to life and others, both in our minds and in reality. 

You are entitled to both ask for you want and deserve in life and at work. Yet, so many of us feel intimidated and incapable of doing so. The result is that we compromise our own quality of life and stay unsatisfied while our anger and resentment gets in our way.  This fantastic and simple course will teach you how to be assertive in asking for and getting what you want, in a non-aggressive and totally acceptable way. You win and advance your own agenda, and everybody’s happy. Once you experience immediate relief and results, you'll ask yourself why you waited so long to give yourself permission.

We are taught to work hard to get the things and status we want, making ourselves miserable along the way. In striving to be better than our parents and good enough in a cut throat world, we drive ourselves to stress out getting where we think we're supposed to go. Sadly, we discover that life is passing us by and our happiness days will never come if we don't rethink how we're living our lives. This course presents a different way to think about our lives -- one where happiness and well-being, values, people, experiences, and meaning come first, In order to truly succeed in life, we need to rethink everything we were taught, and re-prioritize what success really means to us -- including power, money and things.

You can never love another until you honestly learn to love yourself! If you want to heal and develop healthy, loving, and lasting relationships with others, you need to learn the self-love skills that will make you both love-able and worthy of others desire and friendship.  This course is a step-by-step guide to self-love, and will start you on your journey to having amazing loving relationships with others.  This could change and even extend your life – so get ready to fall in love with #1!

Coming back from adversity, trauma, and serious life problems can be daunting, if not impossible for most of us. This course teaches you how to arm yourself with a thicker skin consisting of all the tools and strategies you will ever need to bounce back from whatever life throws at you. 

People who struggle with loneliness and social isolation/anxiety need to learn the essential skills to making and keeping friends and relationships – not always so easy! But the #1 predictor of happiness & well-being is the quality and longevity of our social connections: friends and relationships. This course is dedicated to helping you do just that: Make friends and improve the quality of your most important relationships!  Life can be so much better with the support, perspective, connection and love you get with being an active part of the world around you

This life-changing course focuses on building a powerful relationship with your life essence and the power behind all things. We take you on a deep journey that gives you all the tools and strategies for you to self-actualize and live the life of your dreams and that you were fully intended to live. You will learn to master meditation, yoga, mindfulness, inner peace and even connect with your past lives and spiritual guides & teachers. Jump aboard for the journey that never ends and keeps getting better!

You’re only one step away from taking back & transforming your life forever!

Isn’t it time you take back and take charge of your life today?


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See What others Have Said About Us!

by NGMarch 3, 2020

If only I had this training when I was a kid -- I could have learned and applied this then what I know now.  My self-worth has grown enormously and the social and emotional skills are very powerful.

by EKFeb 28, 2020

And I thought I knew everything I needed to succeed from Business School. Think again. Every MBA program should teach mental health and wellness and not just about getting a top job and making tons of money. There’s a lot more to success than I was ever taught!. I highly recommend it to my colleagues, and I really appreciated the mental rewiring and habit change it teaches. 

by KBDec 10, 2019

I have taken a dozen courses online. This is the most important and fulfilling course I have taken to date. While the course and 10 skills were huge for me as a solopreneur, this really applies to anyone who is trying to cut down their mental anguish and improve the quality of their life exponentially.

by RLJan 16, 2020

This course was so outstanding and eye-opening. ! I was able to change into a more positive and proactive mindset and get a handle on my negative self-talk. In fact, I made my husband take the bootcamp as well and it’s helped heal our stressed out way of living. We both highly recommend it to everyone regardless of your profession or background.