What if you could your manage your stress, anxiety, and mental health problems… with all the best-of-breed stress management tools that will make you feel better, help you reboot during and after the Pandemic, revive your certainty & hope for a less stressful life, and amp your survival and success skills - all from the comfort of your home and in just 30 minutes a day?


To the high-achiever giving it their all, yet feeling totally depleted at the end of each day...

I see you, and I’ve been there. 

It wasn’t until I implemented these life-changing tools and practices that I was able to manage my stress, overwhelm, anxiety and the other mental health problems that plagued my day-to-day life.

That’s our #1 goal - to help your master the proven techniques and enjoy the benefits meditation, mindfulness, and general stress management can produce. The body of research and science is overwhelming and the practice of turning within to expand the quality of your life is exploding. 

I have been meditating and practicing yoga and other spiritual practices for over 60 years. I have learned a lot, but I have also come to appreciate that consistency and practice can work to deepen your stress reduction experience. 

I invite you to develop a meditation AND mindfulness practice that will serve to manage your stress, anxiety, and expand your inner life and well-being. We will explore all levels of both meditation and mindfulness, how-to start if you are a beginner to more intermediate levels if you have already begun and desire to deepen your practice. 

You WILL feel better after some trial and error, but with practice and repetition, you will form healthy and amazing new habits that will clear up some old problems and create exciting new opportunities for personal and professional growth! 



Our Complete One-Stop Shop Meditation & Mindfulness Academy to accelerate your mental health & build wellness fast!

“The next best thing to having Mitch as your personal coach!”

Here’s what you’ll get… 

Our complete library of over 50 stress and anxiety-reducing meditation & mindfulness exercises you can take anywhere on both video, audio and downloadable PDF.

The Academy also includes:

  • My powerful 4-Step Method to manage stress & prevent burnout!
  • Easy-to-follow Emotional Freedom Relief (“EFT”) Tapping for stress reduction and a variety of other mental, emotional, and physical ailments.
  • Yoga, breathing exercises, and stretching workouts to deepen your practice and improve mental health.
  • New To Meditation?  Try our Beginner’s Meditation & Mindfulness practice - as well as one minute stress strategies to calm your nerves and anxiety in a pinch!
  • A library of wonderful guided meditation escapes to far away places to help you get out of your daily chaos and into the moment of experiencing something special.
  • FAQs and Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Other stress management tools including my best picks for working out, diet, and nutrition. 

In These Stressful Times...

You MUST replace your anxiety, depression & burnout with unbreakable inner strength, balance & well-being.

You’ll do ANYTHING to get results and change the world on your terms. But the burnout, anxiety, and depression is creating havoc in your life. We’ll show you how to rethink and reframe the way you process your work & life experiences to get far healthier outcomes.

You CAN learn the social, emotional, and life skills that can end your loneliness, isolation, and addictive qualities.

Imagine having peak-performance emotional strength and social mastery skills, allowing you to achieve more, make more $$$, and create life-long connections without feeling the need to anesthetize your feelings.

You CAN work with passion and fire, while still finding balance, staying calm, and being present.

Your drive, focus, and determination is part of your special sauce. You need to believe in yourself and your ideas. Now you can do so by creating an amazing life full of incredible experiences and be present to enjoy them all.

You can THRIVE in your personal and business life with certainty, self-care, confidence, and self-worth.

You can know that you matter, your needs are being taken care of, and that everything’s going to be OK no matter what... while feeling great about yourself, your work, and your life.

You need this.

Whether you’re just getting back to work, building a business or career or managing a complex schedule and routine… everyone’s exhausted, overwhelmed and falling off mental and emotional cliffs. 


You might be asking...


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, & about to crack... There’s a good chance your mental health and well-being is on the fringe. Everyone’s SO stressed out and exhausted with worry, uncertainty, and anxiety. Things are not good!

Perhaps you’re grieving lost experiences that social Isolation has thrust upon you, or a loved one or friend has been overcome by the Covid-19 virus. The blizzard of bad news: 

  1. Financial setback
  2. Job and career uncertainty
  3. Lack of physical activity and socializing 
  4. Trouble maintaining routines or focusing on your goals

One thing is for certain: we have little control over what happens outside; we need to change ourselves from within and build our mental health and well-being back better!

To create real success in your life today, you have to think about your mental health and well-being from the very beginning. Why?

  • With nearly 75% of business owners worried about their mental health, your mental health IS your key to success in business.
    Entrepreneurs also need to learn how to balance their talent, drive, and ambition with life-saving mental health tools that create success and wellness.
  • The consequences of burnout are costly.
    It doesn't just affect your mental health. Worrying too much can lead to low productivity, more sick days, or worse. A Harvard study contributed work-related stress to 120,000 deaths annually.
  • Shame & Stigma Keep us from asking for help.
    Everyone’s got mental health issues, but only 10% ask for it and get help. Mental & emotional wellness is the new norm and is nothing to be ashamed about. Mastering it can save your life and get you happy and out of personal misery.



The life of success-driven people can be amazing. The thrill of your first big $$$$ score, financial independence and time and space freedom is beyond compare.

It’s like an entrepreneur’s ‘high’ that we all chase for the rest of our lives. What we discover is that repeating that first, big success is never the same.

We work even harder, faster, and at greater personal cost to obtain it, but often find ourselves anxious, sleep-deprived, stressed out with the many demands that we can’t possibly satisfy, and maybe even depressed. We hate ourselves for doing the same thing over and over again, but getting the same disappointing result.

I’ll show you a far better way to live – one that will give you the foundation for happiness, well-being, balance, and peace-of-mind, while complimenting all the amazing skills that you already have.


"Easy-to-learn, step-by-step blueprint, game plan, framework, formula." Whatever you call it, it’s a guaranteed success plan to achieve the life of your dreams while staying alive and doing it well.

I’ll teach you the very methods that I and many other professionals have used and taught to thousands to best achieve our business and life goals – without the drama, burnout, anxiety, loneliness, and overwhelm of depression.

Science-based and results tested tools: Successful people spend a fortune and many years to educate themselves on how to succeed, achieve financial abundance and time freedom.

Research overwhelmingly shows that success-driven people are 2-3x more likely to struggle with poor mental health as compared with the general population.

By applying solid mental health and wellness tools, it greatly increases their actual chances for success with less mental health issues like depression, anxiety, burnout, loneliness, and addiction.


While most success-driven, high-performers are full of energy, drive, ambition, and pride, they are also full of fear, shame, and worry when things don’t go as planned. They deny they have any problems and sacrifice their own happiness and peace-of-mind rather than asking for help.

The shame and stigma associated with mental & emotional challenges keeps us from being vulnerable, honest, recognizing the warning signs, and taking care of ourselves first.

I’ll show you how to break through your fear, shame, and denial to shine the caring light on your struggles while being in the care of a confidential, supportive community – where you will learn to process your life experiences in healthier, more sustainable ways and not cause further misery to you and your loved ones.

I get success-driven people, perfectionists, and ‘do-it-my-way’ workaholics.

My intense lifetime worth of pain and insight will help you reduce the time to fix yours now!

Hi, I’m


My gift and practiced talent is teaching others how to navigate and achieve their own success with strong mental health, wellness and well-being. As a serial entrepreneur, journalist, author, and coach, I have experienced first-hand how the secret demons of anxiety, depression, burnout, loneliness, and addiction can play havoc in an entrepreneur’s life.

I’ve been where you are! I am one of the few mental wellness experts with “in the trenches” start-up and business experience.


I’ve taught mental health and wellness to large organizations, fast-growing Inc.100 upstarts, worked with hundreds of young people, busy parents, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and super-achievers like you to create sustainable success, happiness, and freedom.

I lived a charmed life during my early career. Went to a good college, worked hard and became successful in the corporate world. I made lots of money, lived on Manhattan’s Fifth Ave, nice cars, big country house, awesome vacation, married for 25 years with 3 beautiful children and successful wife - you would think this guy has it all!


But, on the inside I was falling apart...

and after a few years, the burnout, anxiety, depression, inner conflict, and emptiness became an everyday occurrence. Every week, I would hop on a jet and leave my kids and a career wife at home for days. My wife even had a map of the world on the wall where our kids would tack-on pins to know where Daddy was on any given day. How depressing it all became.

I drank too much, slept too little, saw few friends and I was riddled with guilt for not being present for my family. I always worried that I would fail as an entrepreneur before I hit it big – how humiliating that would be. I had NO time to take care of myself, felt so alone, isolated and uncertain.

By all appearances, I looked successful. I just kept my secret misery to myself; I was afraid to let anyone in – perhaps my vulnerability would make others see me as weak and a failure. After all, my identity had become so tied up in my business, so I was all in or bust! There was nothing I wouldn’t do to ensure that I appeared successful to others.

As life became more complicated with demand and stress built up, I self-medicated my depression and anxiety, and nearly drank myself to death. Nothing could fill that hole deep down inside of me. I was so darn miserable and trapped that I just wanted it all to end.


And it did! I soon found myself in drug and alcohol & drug rehab. I was unhappily divorced and with my businesses falling apart in the middle of the ’08 recession. I had lost everything that I thought meant so much to me and found myself alone with mounting legal problems.

One day, sitting alone on my bed, I realized that the jig was up and I needed to change everything if I was going to have a life worth living and to be able to see my kids grow up.


Yes. That was me, 100 lbs overweight, on 15 medications, pretty darn miserable and alone.

I had most certainly reached my end. You might say that if I kept on going, I didn’t have long to live!
Let’s just say I've come a long way since then...


  • Wishing I could be normal like my other friends who seemed to be successful and happy
  • Carrying all the resentments, hurt, and anger from my toxic childhood & family
  • Not knowing if I mattered, not feeling loved or good enough
  • Fearing the future and angry about my past – never able to enjoy the moment
  • Being so out of balance and stressed out that I would burn out!
  • Having to stuff my hurt feelings with anything that would make me feel better
  • Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, but not knowing how to change

All those years I thought success was born out of working hard, never giving up on my dreams, getting all the external prizes like money, status, and notoriety.  I only wished my parents and teachers had given me the step by step guide to living a happy and healthy life when I was a kid.

I am still that driven, determined, and passionate entrepreneur, but this time more self-aware, able to focus on my self-care, and helping others to help themselves.

Today, I teach people like you who are thirsty for success, young people who struggle with mental and emotional health issues, as well as recovering addicts with substance abuse problems to seek a better, more balanced life.

Is there a longing - a deep feeling - that there is more to life than stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

Do you need something to fill that empty hole in your soul?

Are you ready to create a life where you can better control the stress and unmanageability of everyday living – where you can be your best self with calm, control, and less drama?

One online course can transform your stress, anxiety & overwhelm to inner peacecalmcertainty & well-being.

I’ll show you how to develop a meditation AND mindfulness practice that will serve to manage your stress, anxiety, and expand your inner life and well-being.

THE CHILL VAULT ™ Meditation, Mindfulness & Stress Management Academy



  • 16+ modules for Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga & Breathing Practices
  • Over 50 different length and intensity meditation and mindfulness practices you can take with you anywhere
  • Guided Visualization and Great Escapes Journeys
  • My powerful 4-Step Method to manage stress & prevent burnout!
  • Easy-to-follow Emotional Freedom Relief (“EFT”) Tapping for stress reduction and a variety of other mental, emotional & physical ailments
  • Video, audio, and downloadable PDF exercises
  • FAQs and Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Other stress management tools including my best picks for working out, diet, and nutrition. 
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

You’re Completely Protected By Our
100% Risk-Free 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


John Casano – CEO Strike Labs, Fintech Success Story

“The Absolute Best and Most Comprehensive Mental Health & Wellness Training I’ve Ever Experienced. This Complete Course Will Change The Way You Think About Success and Help You Become A Better, More Accomplished, Resilient, and Seasoned Individual!”

John Roberts -Top Anxiety & ADHD Business Coach/NYT’s Bestselling Author

“Mitch is a master at helping hungry entrepreneurs and success-driven people succeed with success-infused wellness.  Not only is Mitch incredibly insightful and his coaching spot-on effective, but he comes from the heart!”

Kathryn Binder, Founder of Zenesty Health Care, LLC

"If you are looking to get right with your life and business in these crazy and uncertain times, this course will help you navigate a more successful way to live and work."

Jack Schweibel - C.E.O., UTAB.COM Analytics

“All work and no play or fun makes for a boring existence. It’s no way to live.  Mitch’s Mental Health & Wellness Course has helped me rethink how to live my life and pay attention to the things that I always took for granted.  Thank You, Mitch”

Sasha G.

"Last year, I shared my personal anxiety struggles with my friends.  I talked about the importance of self-love and acceptance. I wrote that I accepted where I was and what I had been through. Looking back, I was a little ahead of myself. Acceptance for me is truly a journey. Vital, but never-ending. Mitch introduced me to the WM21 Tool Kit and I accepted the challenge. It has reframed my life and the progress I have made is truly remarkable."

Renee K – 2020

“My brother’s recent suicide during the Covid-19 pandemic devastated me and my family.  While we both struggled with anxiety and depression, I had no warning. What his death has taught me is that I have to do whatever it takes to turn my pain and struggle into a good life. With Mitch’s help, I have begun to turn my brother’s tragedy into redemption and hope that I and others don’t have to do the same. There is freedom and well-being for me along with love and acceptance. Thank you!"



This is not a fix-me-quick kind of thing. Let’s be real. It takes a bit of effort and focus to achieve the kind of results you want to achieve. But, you’re already putting in the effort, right? I’m here to help you focus on creating something that will work for you forever and create a steady stream of clients This course contains the opinions and ideas of its author. It is intended to provide helpful and informative material on the subjects addressed in the course. It is with the understanding that the author and stressed out nation are not engaged in rendering medical, health, or any other kind of professional services in this course. The student should consult his or her medical, health, or other competent professional before adopting any of the suggestions in this plan or drawing inferences from it. The author and stressed out nation specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this course. The results you get are entirely dependent on your personal efforts, your experience, resources and other factors.