3 Things Mentally Healthy & Successful People Do Differently

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Success-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, solopreneurs, and side-hustlers all share one universal, time-tested truth: 

They are painfully aware that if they don't practice rigorous self-care, life balance, and tend to their physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs, they run a 2-3x's higher risk for anxiety, depression, burnout, social isolation, and even substance abuse issues that, if not addressed, can easily destroy their chances of "living the dream" life.

Your Mental Health Matters

Having good mental and emotional health IS fundamental to true and sustained success in business.

Those that struggle will likely tell you that their own success came at a high cost to their sanity and lives.

They compromised so much of their personal needs in order to achieve "The Dream Life," and have the time, location, and financial independence that success can bring.

Since so many successful people also struggle with their mental and emotional health, life balance, and stress management, it is important to understand what successful, happy, and mentally healthy people do differently from the majority of us that struggle with putting a good and happy life together. 

Consider the following 3 things that mentally healthy and successful people do differently than the rest of us: 

They Know Their Limitations.  They Become Self-Aware, and Learn Self-Care and Empathy

The life of success-driven people can be amazing. The thrill of your first big $$$$ score, financial independence, and time and space freedom is beyond compare.

It’s like an entrepreneur’s ‘high’ that we all chase for the rest of our lives. What we discover is that repeating that first, big success is never the same.

We work even harder, faster, and at greater personal cost to obtain it, but often find ourselves anxious, sleep-deprived, stressed out with the many demands that we can’t possibly satisfy, and maybe even depressed. We hate ourselves for doing the same thing over and over again, but getting the same disappointing result.

Those of us that have "made it" to the big times successfully created  the foundation for happiness, well-being, balance, and peace-of-mind, while playing to their entrepreneurial strengths and determination.

They Make Better Choices and Learn to Reframe Success

Most everything in life is a choice with the exception of our genes and upbringing. The rest of what we do is learned either consciously or unconsciously. 

Considering that we're NOT born with an instruction manual telling us how to achieve a happy and successful life, many of us learn the old fashioned way:  We learn by trial and error -- and accept the growing pains of growth and wisdom.

We learn to make better choices in life to get better results. The more we know, the better we can do!

Most really successful people will tell you that "Success" isn't really all about external gains and wins, but more about the quality of life, balance, and finding meaning and coming to know your true purpose for working yourself to the bone. 

In other words, being both happy and successful entails finding an elusive balance between external wins in life and internal growth and stimulation. 

They learn to reframe their success by including their personal development, search for meaning, and living authentically where their outsides match their insides.

They Get Brutally Honest, Know to Ask for Help, and Surround Themselves With Positive, Supportive, and Non-Judgmental Peers, Mentors, Coaches, Friends, and Community

While most success-driven, high-performers are full of energy, drive, ambition, and pride, they are also full of fear, shame, and worry when things don’t go as planned. They deny they have any problems and sacrifice their own happiness and peace-of-mind rather than asking for help.

The shame and stigma associated with mental & emotional challenges keeps us from being vulnerable, honest, recognizing the warning signs, and taking care of ourselves first.

In order to achieve a successful life and live your own dream,  you must learn to break through your fear, shame, and denial to shine the caring light on your struggles while being in the care of a confidential, supportive community – where you will learn to process your life experiences in healthier, more sustainable ways and not cause further misery to you and your loved ones.

They Focus on Wellbeing and Life Balance First

I know a lot of really miserable people who spend most of their time focusing on becoming successful, but not on those very things that could make them happy, well-balanced and live with wellbeing. 

To create real success in your life today, you have to think about your mental health and wellbeing from the very beginning. Why?

With nearly 75% of business owners worried about their mental health, your mental health IS your key to success in business.

Entrepreneurs also need to learn how to balance their talent, drive, and ambition with life-saving mental health tools that create success and wellness.

Isn't it time to create the wellness and wellbeing that you deserve?

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