We all want to feel better.

Yet, despite the growing awareness of mental health, there is still a stigma. Loneliness, depression and hopelessness are at an all-time high. We’re all burnt out, waiting for life to return to “normal”.

With the right resources, you can get back on track.

Are you having a hard time? Does life have you down? Whether it's pandemic-induced or you've been struggling for years, I’ve been in your shoes. As a driven entrepreneur and throughout my corporate career, I’ve experienced all the highs and lows. I have found myself burnt out, struggled with anxiety, depressed and lonely, and addicted to both work and substances.

After nearly dying and losing it all, I decided to change everything that was no longer working and teach others how to do the same. Once I implemented these life-changing tools and practices, I was finally able to manage my stress, overwhelm, anxiety and the other mental health problems that plagued my day-to-day life.

Hi, I’m


My gift and practiced talent is teaching others how to navigate and achieve their own success with strong mental health, wellness and well-being. I am one of the few mental wellness experts with “in the trenches” start-up and business experience.

I’ve taught mental health and wellness to large organizations, fast-growing Inc. 100 startups, worked with hundreds of young people, busy parents, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and super-achievers like you to create sustainable success, happiness, and freedom.

Many people think that they need to spend years and thousands in therapy to deal with their mental health issues. Others try to ignore it, until they end up hitting their breaking point. The good news is that neither of those need to be your reality.



Mental Health Solutions to accelerate your well-being and build resilience, from the comfort of your own home.

Regain control of your life today.

Whether you’re returning to work, building your own business, managing a busy schedule or just trying to get through your daily routine... we're burnt out and having a hard time.

Our Wellness Academy Course Bundle can help you wherever you are.

Mental health challenges can pop up at any time in life. Some are triggered by stress, trauma, or new situations, while for some it’s an ongoing battle.

This bundle contains more than 30 hours of video content on anxiety & depression, self-esteem & relationships, as well as other topics, and will help you to replace unhealthy coping strategies with ones that will help you thrive in life.

Disover our complete library of Mental Health Solutions Mini-Courses covering 5 Wellness Pathways


Plus, you'll also receive: 

In 7 life-changing steps, we'll transform your pain & struggle to joy, well-being, and peace of mind ... (without mood-altering substances).


Step 1: Decide, Then Learn to Be Happy

Learn why change is tough, the importance of choices, and the power of habits - and how they can hold you back from happiness.

Step 2: Master Your Happiness Toolkit

Discover the science behind happiness, and how you can unlock the core happiness skills; plus, 210 ways to keep the happiness deck stacked in your favor.

Step 3: Eliminate Roadblocks

Identify and overcome the barriers preventing real and permanent happiness, and deal with fear and negative emotions holding you back.

Step 4: Heal & Repair Your Past

Overcome guilt, anger, and other negative emotions and learn to heal by focusing on forgiveness to bring you extraordinary peace of mind. 

Step 5: Nourish & Grow Relationships and Social Connections

Learn how to build great relationships and avoid loneliness while mastering the skill of communication to infuse your life with the power of love. 

Step 6: Go Deep - Discover Your Spiritual Nature

By bringing connection and building a spiritual practice into your life, you can nourish your soul and transform out of misery and into happiness and wellbeing.

Step 7: Staying Successful & Happy for Life

You’ll learn to fall forward and bounce back from adversity, enabling you to be fully present in life, regardless of the circumstances that surround you. 

I get success-driven people, perfectionists, and ‘do-it-my-way’ workaholics.

My intense lifetime worth of pain and insight will help you reduce the time to fix yours now!

At Stressed Out Nation, our mission is to help high-achievers manage their mental & emotional health and wellness so they can truly thrive.

This mini-courses in this bundle are carefully curated to help meet you wherever you are in your wellness journey.

The best part? With our online learning platform, you can step into the driver's seat of your life.

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Discover the tools that will help you overcome the overwhelming feelings of despair, manage toxic habits, and maximize your happiness, confidence, and well-being.

Mental Health Solutions Wellness Academy



Get back on track today with our Complete Mini Course Library, including...

  • 7-Step Happiness Mastery System ($97)
  • I Struggle With Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Life Overwhelm ($97)
  • I Lack Self-Esteem, Self-Image or Self-Confidence ($97)
  • I Don't Feel Happiness or Feel Empty Inside ($97)
  • I Feel Lonely, Lack Love or Struggle With Relationships ($97)
  • I Struggle With Alcohol, Drugs, or Behavior Problems ($197)
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John Casano – CEO Strike Labs, Fintech Success Story

“The Absolute Best and Most Comprehensive Mental Health & Wellness Training I’ve Ever Experienced. This Complete Course Will Change The Way You Think About Success and Help You Become A Better, More Accomplished, Resilient, and Seasoned Individual!”

John Roberts -Top Anxiety & ADHD Business Coach/NYT’s Bestselling Author

“Mitch is a master at helping hungry entrepreneurs and success-driven people succeed with success-infused wellness.  Not only is Mitch incredibly insightful and his coaching spot-on effective, but he comes from the heart!”

Kathryn Binder, Founder of Zenesty Health Care, LLC

"If you are looking to get right with your life and business in these crazy and uncertain times, this course will help you navigate a more successful way to live and work."

Jack Schweibel - C.E.O., UTAB.COM Analytics

“All work and no play or fun makes for a boring existence. It’s no way to live.  Mitch’s Mental Health & Wellness Course has helped me rethink how to live my life and pay attention to the things that I always took for granted.  Thank You, Mitch”

Sasha G.

"Last year, I shared my personal anxiety struggles with my friends.  I talked about the importance of self-love and acceptance. I wrote that I accepted where I was and what I had been through. Looking back, I was a little ahead of myself. Acceptance for me is truly a journey. Vital, but never-ending. Mitch introduced me to the WM21 Tool Kit and I accepted the challenge. It has reframed my life and the progress I have made is truly remarkable."

Renee K – 2020

“My brother’s recent suicide during the Covid-19 pandemic devastated me and my family.  While we both struggled with anxiety and depression, I had no warning. What his death has taught me is that I have to do whatever it takes to turn my pain and struggle into a good life. With Mitch’s help, I have begun to turn my brother’s tragedy into redemption and hope that I and others don’t have to do the same. There is freedom and well-being for me along with love and acceptance. Thank you!"

This is not a fix-me-quick kind of thing. Let’s be real. It takes a bit of effort and focus to achieve the kind of results you want to achieve. But, you’re already putting in the effort, right? I’m here to help you focus on creating something that will work for you forever and create a steady stream of clients This course contains the opinions and ideas of its author. It is intended to provide helpful and informative material on the subjects addressed in the course. It is with the understanding that the author and stressed out nation are not engaged in rendering medical, health, or any other kind of professional services in this course. The student should consult his or her medical, health, or other competent professional before adopting any of the suggestions in this plan or drawing inferences from it. The author and stressed out nation specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this course. The results you get are entirely dependent on your personal efforts, your experience, resources and other factors.