Our Mission

The mission of Stressed Out Nation is to help success-driven entrepreneurs, high-achievers, business owners, professionals, solopreneurs, side-hustlers, workaholics, and type-A personalities better manage their mental & emotional health & wellness in order to achieve more success, abundance, and wellbeing.
We educate and coach people who are more prone to mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, burnout, loneliness, and addiction through science and evidence-based tools & strategies to make healthier choices and live their ideal life.
We promote life balance, self-confidence, stress management, and other work & life survival skills through our proprietary Wellness Method™.  We strive to provide the best information, products, and services possible in mental health & wellness for Stressed Out People and create a complete mental health & wellness transformation in each one of our customers.
We are “Wellness Bosses.”

About Us

The founders of Stressed Out Nation believe that we can and must take charge of our mental health and wellbeing. Times have changed, and today there are so many wonderful remedies fix the things that ail us. Our focus is on educating, humanizing and destigmatizing mental and emotional health and lack of wellness. It is high time those who have lived through the punishment and horror of our own bad mental health happily help others wrap their arms and minds around their “issues” and options. Misery is an option, and we choose life – and a darn good one at that!

Research clearly tells a story of shame, stigma, and fear when it comes to understanding and getting the help that is largely available to successfully treat our ailments. Success-driven people are 2-3 times as likely to struggle with mental health problems – and more than 50% don’t ask for or get the help they so desperately need. The result is that many of us live dysfunctional and less than optimal lives trying to figure out what’s wrong with us and what to do about it! Life is just too short and we all deserve more – to live successfully knowing that we matter, with love, purpose, meaning, health, happiness and wellbeing.

When we feel “off,” or our feelings or insecurities are getting in our way of living our best lives with health and wellbeing, most of us ignore our discomfort and dis-ease until things become too unmanageable and painful -- and we don’t ask for or get the help we need. More so than not, we allow ourselves to become miserable and unhappy – full of shame that the people who can most help us will judge as weird, a real head case, or even undesirable or not fit for the job.

The reality is Mental Health is very much like physical health – with the exception that many people don’t understand how to achieve it. When we struggle with common physical health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss or even life-threatening issues like cancer or even heart disease, medical professionals have very specific guidelines and protocols for treating such conditions. Most of us are reasonably aware that when we have physical ailments that need diagnosing and treatment, they know to call their health care professional to get the help they need.

Not true with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, social isolation, unstable moods, social isolation, ADHD, substance abuse disorder, suicidal ideation, poor self-esteem, self-image or self-confidence, loneliness, and social isolation, fear, uncertainty, overwhelm, burnout and so many other mental and emotional issues that deserve and require treatment. Many of these are simply misunderstood, misdiagnosed, or ignored until it’s too late. It is everyone’s God-given right to live happily, healthfully, and wellbeing.

Good mental health is our right and obligation.

Our goal is to help you to help yourself with building and maintaining really good mental health and wellness so that you can live the life you were intended to live without all the pain and struggle that poor mental health can bring. We are not doctors or psychiatrists, and we are not licensed to offer you medical or health advice, but we have spent many years struggling through these issues ourselves and ways to heal ourselves, and we will continue to share our experience, strength, and hope so that, together, we can help each other know better and do better!

Our courses and programs are intended to empower you to take charge of your own mental health and wellness. Our community of like-minded people will help you gain perspective and give you the encouragement you need to pursue your own mental health and healing journey. Please continue to tell us about your greatest challenges, obstacles, and areas that you would like to grow so that we best serve you. 

Our Courses

Stressed Out Nation seeks to deliver uniquely transformational, life-changing and permanent solutions to our deepest, darkest and most perplexing challenges. Peace-of-mind, certainty, validation, love and spiritual growth are desperately needed and in high demand.

The powerful tools, training, course content & healing solutions we deals head on with what the world needs need now: Love, happiness, validation, meaning & purpose, healed and thriving relationships, successful and effective communication, healing of heart and soul, flourishing of mind and intellect, and nurturing of body and reversal of aging.

Our goal is to give you the best healing strategies and tools to help you get free from the negative “stuff” that is holding you back.  It’s time to find your own happiness, harmony, and well-being!


About Mitch

Mitchell Fenton has been helping success-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals replace their anxiety, depression, and burnout with unbreakable inner strength, balance and well-being since 2007. He has worked with corporations, side-hustlers, and super-achievers alike to create sustainable success, happiness, and freedom.

After a big corporate career in Advertising, Sales, & Marketing, Mitch went on to build and develop 12 businesses, publish 30 books, and build his own E-Learning Mental Health & Wellness Academy. 

Despite all his success as a driven entrepreneur on the outside, he found himself burnt out, struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and addiction to work and substance abuse problems on the inside. After nearly dying and having lost it all – he decided to change everything that was no longer working and teach others how to do the same.

Mitch works with thousands of success-driven people, perfectionists, and “do-it-my-way” workaholics to help them bring wellness into their success blueprint.  His intense lifetime worth of pain and insight will help you reduce the time to fix yours now.

Mitch is on a mission to change the world by empowering high-performing entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, business owners, super achievers, driven perfectionists, and overwhelmed success junkies to find that freedom, independence, and abundance everyone craves without the mental health struggle and daily drama of just surviving.